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Because to ask for cash assistance or reselling long distance traffic by credentials funded not seek benefits, February 9,cinture chrome hearts, eight recipients who actually built in Hainan relief shelters disease, faking his illness,christian louboutin pas cher, smashed office items,ed hardy bracelets, lewd female staff, wanton mob, eventually,louboutin pas cher, the eight recipients punished police officers were sentenced to more than 15 to 10 days of administrative detention.
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Newspaper reporter Hu Cheng Yong intern Xiebi Kai
8 men refused to ask for cash assistance
According to the Hainan Provincial relief shelters Master Peng Longsheng presentation, named Ma, eight homeless people on February 9 in the rescue shelter mob were male, aged between 20 to 40 years old, the oldest of them to rescue station seek relief before the Spring Festival, the latest is February 7, seeking to find a reason to substantially aid workers from the mainland to Hainan or tracing fails,occhiali da sole, resulting in penniless,chapeau nba, temporary trouble. However,porsche design lunette de soleil, after the rescue shelter receive basic food and accommodation assistance, more than eight people have made to the relief stations to ask for cash assistance or long distance traffic by credentials are not accepted by the relevant provisions of the assistance station to send its way to return home.
"The relevant provisions of the state aid,escarpin louboutin occasion, in order to prevent and combat malicious lie to help a number of people, when we rescue homeless people, can not be cash assistance to help homeless people in their hometowns, the distance away,Outlet Hogan, and transit should adopt joint rescue mechanism Do not take a voucher for buy long-distance traffic. "Peng Longsheng said that many aid workers cheat cheat confidence trick all hope rescue shelter, cash assistance or purchase its long distance traffic by credentials, coach tickets generally greater economic value, get the long-distance tickets,chapeau nfl, cheat support staff usually make money reselling it. Suspected motives eight homeless people, so the rescue shelter strongly disagree with their excessive demands.
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Eight homeless people malingering trouble faking his illness
Find themselves after the trick will not succeed, at 13:40 on February 9 Xu,ceinture louis vuitton, named Ma,giuseppe zanotti 2015, eight homeless people in Hainan rescue station rioted. Some of them kicked the door, and some broke into the office, duty room, siege, intimidation of staff, manufacturing mess. One of the recipients named Ma also installed wall drunk, smashed office items,cinture ferragamo, lewd female staff. Another homeless people dress Yang heart attack,hogan outlet sito ufficiale, fell to the ground foaming at the mouth,chapeau adidas, when the staff notice 120 emergency vehicles will be sent to the hospital,gucci bracelets, accompanied by two homeless people actually stop malicious ambulance, eventually when Yang was taken to the hospital found that Yang is actually pretending to be ill, the body does not matter.
8 recipients who deliberately make trouble detained
February 9 afternoon, in order to prevent further deterioration of the situation, the provincial rescue station staff in case of unsuccessful discourage decisive alarm, the police rushed to the scene, more than eight people away from the investigation. The same day, eight people to relief stations to expose the motives of poor,louboutin, while three normal recipients who testify voluntarily to the police station. It was verified that 8 people trouble, there are five to relief stations do not use their real names when seeking relief, but the use of a pseudonym.
February 10, Xiuying Haikou Public Security Bureau in accordance with "Public Security Administration Punishment Law," named Ma, who has made eight illegal recipients punished less than 15 days of administrative detention for more than 10 days.
For this, Peng Longsheng owners hope to some of the people trying to help a malicious lie warning by the Southern Metropolis Daily: a rescue shelter is to provide temporary relief for the people living in difficult encounter place, any attempt to defraud government assistance through improper means behavior will not succeed,juicy bracelets, and will be punished by law.








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