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Just past the 26th birthday of Yang Xiaoxiang dead. His parents believed that his son was two security Tego hall killed. When they know that beating two security reasons, the more feel angry - not just for a few bottles of wine drinking.
Yesterday, 9:30, Kunming Wuhua District People's Court of Kunming certain Tego Office Security Yang, Qian intentional injury causing death cases.
Zuike entangled Security was Mengchuai
September 30,cappelli los angeles, 2008, is 杨晓祥 26 birthday. Dinner after work that day, he and his girlfriend invited a good friend and colleague to Kunduz a KTV entertainment. KTV on the third floor, in the sound of everyone's blessing,chapeau nba, he was happy to drink with my friends, eat cake and enjoy the joy birthday.
Tuibeihuanzhan After several rounds, the time has come the next morning, this time, a friend called to go to the first floor 杨晓祥 Tego hall. Tego entered the hall,christian louboutin pas cher, KTV Yang Xiaoxiang previously thought to be the wine has not yet finished, he wanted to drink wine to get Tego hall. But when he asked the security Yang, "whether you can drink wine and get Tego hall", the rejected.
In the police interrogation transcripts Yang said afterwards: 杨晓祥 to turn things drinks and he entangled 56 minutes, agitation, also pointing at him; to around at 1:00 on October 1, he is unable to bear Yang Xiaoxiang of trouble,coach bracelets, then hand grabbed Yang Xiaoxiang neck, forced him out the door. Went Tego hall sidewalk outside,cappelli nike, Yang and their feet toward the 杨晓祥 back, buttocks each kick.
Then, with the Yang Di belong to a hall of two high security also came and kicked Yang Xiaoxiang. Yang said that he saw a security guard kicked kicked 杨晓祥 face, the 杨晓祥 played staggering, leaning on the side of the road a taxi,louboutin chaussures, last fall to the ground. 120 emergency vehicles rushed to the scene after the rescue, but 杨晓祥 eventually died.
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Identified by the Kunming People's Procuratorate,louboutin pas cher, Yang Xiaoxiang was in alcoholism state, after being beaten, his stomach food coming in, blocked his airway, causing him to suffocation. "Acute alcoholism inhaled foreign body airway obstruction basic conditions, it is the main cause of death."
After the incident, Yang,longchamp soldes, Qian two parties security by five Huagong An Branch criminal detention, the same year on November 4 release on bail, now stay at home.
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Defense counsel that the two security "not guilty"
杨晓祥 mother 杨艳芝 son's death was very sad, she always thought that his son was killed by security,louboutin pas cher, and to the security of the parties made claims 35.8 million yuan. "No amount of money will not lead back his son's life,chapeau miami heat, but I want those offenders are duly punished." Yangyan Zhi said.
Yang Xiaoxiang father Yangtian Gui said that in order to seek justice for his son, he did not know from Lufeng home run how many times Kunming,ceinture gucci, days and nights can not sleep.
Their agent,louboutin femme prix, Shi Jin Zhang lawyer law firm in Yunnan earthquake sequence believe that Yang and Qian two defendants knowingly kicking behavior will lead to harmful consequences victim of casualties, but the implementation and letting the occurrence of this result, subjective intentional fault.
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While Yang and Qian's lawyer argued that Yang Xiaoxiang because "excessive drinking," the death of the defendant kicking him with their feet, "there is no causal relationship." The lawyer also believes that the defendant "not responsible" for them not guilty defense.
After a morning of trial, the court hearing the criminal part of the case after the adjournment, Yang filed criminal with the civil part of the announced another day trial. (City Times reporter Qincong Jun)
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