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air jordan shop Han Xiao said

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the pool depth of more than three meters, the consequences could be disastrous if someone fell into the water. "Approximately at 17:00 on the 24th, I rode a tricycle through here, I saw something in the water, I was approached to see the original was a girl, the girl in the water has not moved!" Although things have been over the past few days,louboutin paris, but recalled the scene,louboutin prix, Liang Fengzhen still some lingering fear, "and nobody was around,louboutin pas cher, but fortunately Li Qisen passing from rescued to save the people in just ten minutes!" "The situation is urgent,louboutin pas cher, Zaichi one minute may not want it!" About rescue through,said: "When I picked her up.
they sing the song "I love you, China." His wife looked vibrant and fingers on the keys,nike free run online, listening to her beautiful voice, the crowd, Wu Zheng old man's eyes were red. Because only he knows, his wife to accompany him through how unforgettable years, while the piano on stage, or he used the money she saved to scavenging gave her ... 16 years ago, suffering from "incurable diseases" of Xie Guizhi inadvertently reveal wish to buy a piano, her husband Wu Zheng hear secretly he vowed to help his wife Dreams He has no technical expertise,nike air max 1, nor extraordinary strength,nike air max outlet online, to come up with a "awkward" - scavenging save money. 16 years later, he fulfilled the dream of his wife's piano Places to tie the knot Shanghai men did inserted down the door son This year 69-year-old Wu Zheng, a native of Shanghai, when 16-year-old junior high school, his response to the call of the motherland, went to Xinjiang,nike free run italia, the Ili worked as a branch of the youth side. Construction Corps,escarpins louboutin, more male than female, plus Master too honest.
a flash ten years,air jordan, until his early thirties, Wu Cheng did not find the object. Xie Guizhi, Henan Yanshi people,air max 90 pas cher, 16 years after graduating from middle school, high school, she took the initiative to give up the chance of university entrance exam,scarpe nike air max, they go to the edge of the village in the Ili uncle, he worked as a Land Reclamation soldier. At that time, Xie Guizhi not only beautiful.
she was not breathing and heartbeat, pale black belly bulge,nike tn pas cher magasin, my mouth blow to her, letting her head down, push her back and let her clean row suction body of water, and after a few minutes, she 'wow' to cry cry,chaussure air jordan pas cher, come alive. "Liqi Sen told reporters His rescue methods are folklore down "soil" experience. Folks in the eyes of Li Qisen: good person! "One good thing is not difficult, rare is a lifetime doing good", according to party secretary LEE East Liantang flow reports,louboutin prix, now 68-year-old Li Qisen good thing to do in the village, "a basket basket." "Wenchuan earthquake of that year.
he saw someone on the street to engage in donations, on past the body of the money donated. He usually will often help the village in five households, do whatever thing, Chinese Lunar New Year will see five policyholders, to deliver meals five guarantees. " "Good, honest people!", The villagers told reporters that Li Qisen is not the first save, a few years ago, there have been several pioneering water to save the hero, but he was naturally good introverted, unassuming,nike air max, finish each save After people have quietly left. Faced with reporters, Li Qisen very low-key, Han Xiao said: "! Human life, I just did what I should do." (Original title: A 68-year-old villager Lianjiang brave jump pit save 4-year-old girl from drowning) (EdiWu Zheng is the piano to accompany his wife. Today, 58-year-old wife has passed the Level III exam piano, and Wu old man's wish is "to make her healthy and happy, listening to the piano to accompany her to grow old." Wen / Liu Lang map / Liu Lang Cao Jie 2 October afternoon, Yanshi City,nike air max outlet, Henan Province held a "gala to celebrate the National Day community." A round of applause, the 58-year-old Xie Guizhi invited on the table. She first with the piano playing the song "Honghu Waves" Then.

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